GEJ and Abati: A conversation

On a Thursday evening…In the Presidential bedroom. Mr President lying in bed, back towards the door, on the side of the bed closer to the door. Thick blanket covering him up to his neck. Some rhythmic sound is audible… The first lady lay by his side.

(A knock is heard on the door…Mr President says to enter, half-awake….Door opens )

GEJ: (turning towards the door, pushes down blanket to his waist… Yawns) Oh Reuben, its you…You’re still awake?

Abati: (wearing a half-buttoned white shirt, looking worn-out from a busy day) Mr President sir, there’s a situation…

GEJ: Abaaaaaatiiiii you have come again o. What is it this time?

Abati: Situation report says some more persons have been kidnapped in Borno by BokoHaram this… (GEJ cuts in)

GEJ: Ooooohhhhh. This BokoHaram will not allow one to sleep again oo ehn. Wetin sef. Ok, how many people did they take this time?

Abati: Report says about 100, mostly elderly women.

GEJ: Its about 100 this time? You see, when I tell people we are winning this war, they won’t believe me. Last time they raided Chibok, was it not more than double this figure? Abati go and sleep jare.

Abati: Mr President sir, it’s a serious situation. There is even an on-going report of… (GEJ interrupts again)

GEJ: Abaaaati, wait first. Where did you get this report from?

Abati: I saw it first on BBC News then AlJaz…

GEJ: BBC? Have you seen it on CNN?

Abati: Uhm… Not yet Mr President. It’s just breaking and…

GEJ: See Reuben, there is no way 100 people will disappear in this country that America will not know. America will know and they will inform us first thru CNN…

Abati: Mr President, with due respect sir, Agence France is also reporting it alongside a latest video showing Shekau threatening.

GEJ: (yawns again) Shekau is dead. Chris and Mary told me separately that they killed him already. Lemme see the video.

Abati: Mr President, I’m afraid you may have to come to the situation room for that sir.

GEJ: Situation room this night? Haba! See, there is no problem God cannot solve. God will bring all of them back in His own time. We have prayed for them when we went to Israel. And we’ll keep praying. Infact, myself and Dame just finished praying for the Chibok girls about 20mins ago.

(Turns to his previous position, pulls up the blanket)

GEJ: Reuben, its midnight. I’ll see you in the morning. Goodnight.

Abati: Mr President I don’t think we…(A loud interjection this time)

Mama Peace: Will you keep quiet????????!!!!!!!

That jolted me back from sleep. Oh no, it was a dream.

With my own hands @bamsky007

With my own hands @bamsky007

With my own hands @bamsky007

With my own hands @bamsky007

With my own hands @bamsky007

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