This Present Hustle

...Poor people were marched upon like pawns. The middle class, bleeding more money like wounded knights, became more irritable. The rich business and political kings and society queens became vulnerable. Our bishops and priests preached more comforting and morale boosting messages in the face of dwindling tithes and offering...


MMM, Nigerians and the Wailers

I heard even bankers and managers were "caught" doing it. I heard many professionals were doing it, alongside vulcanizers, agbero, danfo driver, Iya Risikat alata (pepper seller) and Baba Wale eleran (meat-seller). It was the new Baba Ijebu. I heard some people quit their dissatisfying and enslaving jobs to have time to “focus” on MMM

The Experience, My Experience

That mannequin challenge I saw on Facebook was fresh. Fresh, bearded and built, Pastor Paul was on point. The prelude to that yearly event was dope. My waka to TBS for The Experience 2016 was also interesting. Although this would be my first attendance, I anticipated a rush at the venue. So I bought unleavened …