My Christmas Light

Unto us a CHILD is born. Unto us a SON is given… And the government shall be upon HIS shoulder… And his name shall be called… the mighty GOD

Above is a quote from the notes of that shepherd-turned-Prophet who spoke and wrote as he saw and heard many years before the eventual appearance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ whom many now have now heard, have seen with their eyes, have looked upon, and handled with their ‘hands’… I believe it is primarily from the foregoing that we can talk about Christmas today. The birth of One, and the response to, or more pertinently put, the celebration of that One.

It is that One that I wish to talk about, not to narrate his mission to us per-say, rather to explore a bit the magnitude and the significance thereof of that unusual child who was born in a manger. Let me go straight to the point then. First, a Child was born to us. This is significant to me because we know Him from his childhood. We are not oblivious of his earthly antecedents. He grew up among us. He did not just appear from nowhere to start proclaiming that he was this or that. He was born by a virgin! The story of his mother and father is public knowledge. How Mary was only engaged to Joseph but conceived rather mysteriously (under the power of God) after an angelic visitation is for anyone to read and verify. The town of His birth is not mythical too. Bethlehem is still there today in Israel. He was nurtured as that same wonder-baby by those couple till he was grown up. So that neighbours could rhetorically ask later; “Is he not the son of Joseph the carpenter?”

This Son was brought up in the house of Joseph the Carpenter, nursed by Mary, but He was given to us. We do not deserve to have these heaven-made feet to walk our earthly turf. He was given up for us on the cross of calvary as a Son, a grown-up who was fully aware of His decisions. He would become the first-born of his kind in a new family, a new clan. The heavenly Jerusalem. A Son he was, when he painfully took up the inevitable responsibilities bestowed on him by God Himself. Necessitated by men. The Son of God became the Son of man. A divine Son given up to be slaughtered so that (wo)men can come to immortality where God is. The huge task of doing this was on Him. And He was able to execute the work with divine precision… And was given a status that is above all things. That in His name – Jesus- every persons, power, kingdom shall bow to His government which solely and wholly controls. And we who believe got the status of sonship of the glorious Father.

Who then is this Jesus? He is God Himself. God the invisible eternal Spirit came in human form and lived among us. And his name shall be called mighty God. Emmanuel. God with us. Oh yes. That Almighty infinite Being came in time and space to the depth of darkness to reach mankind in his fallen, helpless and wretched state. He then slayed the captivity, trumping over them. Thereafter ascended as a victor in heavenly procession back to His seat of Majesty. But we know Him by this living witness in our hearts. We still commune with Him by His precious Holy Spirit whom is the mark of our salvation. How blessed we are oh generation of men. Christ isn’t a propaganda of some men. Christianity is infinitely far more than a foreign religion foisted by colonists on the colonized. It is a powerful redemptive work of God to all – elites and barbarians alike – starting in the ingenious rebirth of the (wo)man inwardly, yet tangibly, without any human interference or input. The vitality of the organized church, the source from where its strength comes is Christ Himself and Him only. And it is from Him the thirsty drinks the water of life, conveyed in a vessel of grace. It is Christ in you, giving you a sure hope of imperishable life and glory. The Christmas light is the One that shines in our hearts. Have you looked upon Him who hung on the cross? Have you received Him? Have you handled Him? Will you? Won’t you?

And One More Thing…

We live in a world where people believe differently. However we have our God who is one, inspite of our varied views. Whether you believe in celebrating Christmas or not, truth is that there is no celebration without a celebrant. There is no Christmas without Jesus Christ who is physically not present here with us. Therefore, the one that daily exalts Christ within his heart and does not participate in any outward festivities and the other that does merry-making and breaks ‘bread’ elaborately, giving thanks to God, among other believers are both eternally priceless before the Judge of all. Merry Christmas.

With my own hands @bamsky007

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