At a Table of Lovers

This happened between a bookish lover and his Lagos girl on their first date at a high-class restaurant…

Prelude: He sits at the table wearing a white round-neck having long sleeves on a fairly new blue jeans trouser and… a pair of sandals, waiting for his long time crush. A weird nerd no doubt, but a rich-kid. He would be going back to the U.K exactly a week after this Valentine. The lady of his dreams would soon appear from that automated glass door. He would see her first, she won’t…

Oh, here she comes. Her dark set hair hanging down neatly across her fair, supple and spotless cheek, and contrasting beautifully against her custom-made arm-less red gown. A dark brown high-heels, and a small purse to match…She looks around a while, her heart racing not where this guy was seated and not knowing what the night holds. She spots him at the far right corner…then gracefully approaches the table…

Man: (standing) Wow (swallows), you look fair.

Woman: (Fair? It sounded like slap… She pauses, manages to conceal whatever she felt and dismissed it. She then quickly peruses him from hair to shoes. A forced smile then…mute)

Man: (moves over to the opposite chair, adjusts it backwards for her to sit) And, your gown…

Woman: What about it?

Man: Looks so scenic

Woman: (blurts) What? Scenic? That sounds… (Embarrased)

Man: Oh no (smiles). I actually meant you look dishy in it

Woman: Uhh?! (face wide, fingers vibrating)

Man: (Smiling) Its a pleasure finally having a date with a comely lady.

Woman: (Comely? Whatever that means. I hope this guy ain’t spoiling this already, she maintained a straight face) Good…(a short pause) evening.

Man: (noticing the unease) Is there problem?

Woman: (characteristically) Uhm…Nothing.

(Waiter approaches their table)

Man: Ok You first? What would you?

Woman: Well, give me…(She reeled off her order for about 5 minutes)

Man: Fine. I would do…(Waiter disppears in a second) How did your day go?

Woman: Fine. (Nothing more. He would pay for those nonsense compliments with monosyllabic convo, unless..)

Man: (clears his throat) I saw a girl earlier today at the mall, with her friends. A little tall, light skinned, she stood out among all. Her smile was glorious. Her teeth were as white as the snows of Manhanttan. She was set like the hills at Beverly.

(She blinks and adjusts, the face whitens)

Man: She has this graceful body perfectly trimmed, standing so elegantly on two ever straight and sexy legs. Her front reminds one of the heavenly twin towers…. And her back?

Woman: Uh? (Amused and embarassed at the sudden raw languge)… What about the back?

Man: Only the dome of Taj Mahal compares to it

Woman: (heart racing) Wooow, And who is this girl? Did you ask for her name? (Forming indifference)

Man: I reached for her from distance, but she strode away too quickly with a stance that held me spell-bound. I was too late and I wouldn’t create a scene. I thought I would see her again. (Rests his back) Soon.

Woman: Hmmn, seems you have seen someone that really tugs at your heart then. Maybe you can find her. (She shrugs thinking this nite is certainly a disaster)

Man: Maybe I have found her.

Woman: (raises eyebrows, heart racing hits and hits bump) Really?

Man: (Leaning forward and looking straight into her eyes) You are.

Woman: You, You saw…

Man: You are the ravishing beauty saw.

Woman: (blushes) Awwww

Man: (holding her hands, two glasses of wine in between) Who else could be more stunning? I have always dreamt of you. You are the most beautiful girl in the world.

Woman: (smiling foolishly sheepishly) I… I was there because of this night.

Man: And pulchritudinous anyday anytime. I love you girl.

Woman: (she didn’t hear that big word but she heard love and she loved it and wanted to hear it again. But then she gives the typical and popular response)
You… You don’t even know me.

Man: (He has heard it before, he thought in his head like “Really? Who the hell are you?”, but better judgement prevailed) I know enough to build on. I love who I already know. If there is anything left for me to know, I want to know your people.

Woman: But errm, (she reddens up, hot, confused… She completes her response) I think we are going too fast….

With my own hands @bamsky007

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