Never far Away

God is as close to that rich man that eats at KFC three times a day as He is to the man that soaks Garri all day long. Any difference at all will be that one has the revelation of the invisible God and the other doesn’t.

God loves the bus conductor as much as He loves the private jet lord. To Him, the only difference will be if either knows His everlasting Love and rests therein.

God is as near to that wretched prostitute as He is to that faithful housewife. If there be any distinction before the Almighty, it will be that one is aware of the Living God who is constantly speaking.

The difference between that wicked vengeful mum and the meek loving mother is discerned in ability of one to see a future Life and opt for it regardless of the present (Solomon and the two mothers).

I say God is not closer to the Hindu worshipper than He is to the fire spitting preacher of Grace. The Hindu worshipper when he realises the omnipresent God in the eyes of Christ, shall be saved even as the preacher.

O Lord of Host, heaven and earth cannot contain You, even the heavens of heavens. Heaven is His, even the heaven of heavens is of Him. How much less a physical house? “Where shall I go from your presence” the psalmist says “Where shall I run from your presence. If I ascend to heaven, You are there, or make my bed in hell You are there. Even in the deepest parts of the sea, your hand will lead me” He concludes.

Heaven is His throne. The earth is merely His little footstool. Yet He is God who reigns in the very affairs of men. Men may not know Him. He is invisible. But He came to us. God’s presence fills everywhere. Right on that bed and at work, on the pulpit and in the brothel, on the farm and in the glasshouse, in the palaces and in the slums. And we can know Him who dwells with us. Emmanuel. God with us. His presence is not bounded by space and time. He is infinite. We will be privileged to know him not because of what we have, what we wear, where we live, our job or business, our language or education. No, not at all. He reveals Himself to all freely. The switch that opens our eyes to this overwhelming and glorious presence lies in Jesus Christ, who is the eternal door that opens into God. Into that throne-room where we should worship ceaselessly.

When the light of God’s love hits that lady in the brothel room, she falls flat on her knees in conviction, yielding her heart to God, she can raise her voice there and there in surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. She will walk out of that place a new man, but she really just started her journey into God. Similarly, that diligent housewife can realize the folly of salvation by works and being estranged to the grace of God, she then raises her voice in hearty surrender to the living God thru Jesus Christ right there in her bedroom. She may step out of that house thereafter but then she has found a new route, a sure one, into rest.

God loves the world. Everyone. He desires that all come into his presence. To love Him as much as He loves us. The fire spitting preacher only gives what he has received from this awesome presence, from God the consuming fire. The Hindu worshiper will soon find out this living God, who is infinitely blessed and full of love, so that his heart will yearn unquenchably to worship Him. And he won’t need a temple or a mat to do this, he can constantly be in His presence as he moves around. No longer should anyone go to this mountain or that valley to worship. Now every worshiper of God should worship and will love to worship Him in spirit and in truth. Not by imperfect bodily shows of worship by which men judge with partiality, but in spirit and truth. It is relative to God because it Him we worship. And everyone should rest in Him regarding this.

Space will not permit to mention Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and many more who built altars everywhere they went after their eyes opened to see the presence of God there. Or their ears opened to hear the voice of the living God. They built the altars there, only after they experienced God’s presence whom they first saw or heard without the physical altar. Likewise we can build our altars anywhere we are. God is not limited by space. He contains space. Every believer can approach the throne of Grace where God sits majestically, thru Jesus Christ. He can sing spiritual songs, pray and meditate on the words God speaks. In his heart. That is where the altar is. God loves that place. He delights so much to live there. He is love. And He says Fear not for I am with you even unto the end of the world.

Lastly if anybody professes from here to be a believer, the same is saying also that God is with him and in him, and He has eternal life. He should not say that he can live his life anyhow. Anyhow? No, it is God’s life. His life. He lives it in you. And you should not be ashamed of this glorious life and not quench the Spirit by yourSELF. The life you have now is Christ and being privileged to know and come into His presence which fills all in all, the believer should know better that whether in the privacy of his room or among a crowd that don’t know him, God is there with him. And the awe and love of God will constrain him unto godly living. He is not far away.

With my own hands @bamsky007.

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