Moment with GEJ

A conversation at a state dinner where I was fortunate to sit at the President’s table…

GEJ: Bam, Say my name.

Bam: Naaaah, I ain’t ur fan

GEJ: You ain’t smart

Bam: Huh?!

GEJ: You ain’t loyal

Bam: Errm… I’m loyal to Buha… (GEJ cuts in)

GEJ: Adamu bring that 50M with you

Bam: Hmmmn, don’t even think you can bri…

(Adamu returns)

GEJ: Say my name Bam

Bam: Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Do you have another name?

GEJ: Now you’re smart. You’re loyal. Go buy ur momma a house (places a stash of $1000 notes on the table)

Bam: (eyes wide) ehn? You say?

GEJ: Go buy your whole family houses.. (Two bundles this time)

Bam: (Rubs faces) This is too…

GEJ: Go spend some money for no reason… (Drops another bundle)

Bam: Ori iya mi o

GEJ: Come back and ask for more. (Makes it five)

Bam: Emi nikan tan Mr President, no be only me waka come o…errmm…Tunde o

Then I woke up…

With my own hands @bamsky007.

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