Philemon: the epistle in Pidgin

A part of The HOLY BIBLE inspired by the Holy Spirit and profitable for instructions. This is only a careful translation and does not (and should not be taken to) in any way play down the Spirit that speaks, rather it tries to bring the tone of the letter down to the understanding of the contemporary reader. Let him that read understand…

    1. Na me Paul, wey dey prison for Jesus dey write before our guy Timothy con join me to follow you Philemon (wey be correct guy and paddy for this hustle) yarn o.

    2. No be to only you sha, Apphia and dat strongman Archippus sef dey we mind o, and all d shosh peeps wey dey ur side.

    3. Make Papa God and Oga Jesus declare grace full ground for una o, make He con join am with peace for everybody.

    4. I dey tank God for you o, as I no dey fit forget una anytime wey I dey pray.

    5. Reason be say I dey hear say you trust and love Oga sote you con dey love and trust all Him people wey He don save.

    6. Make e be say you go fit talk wetin you believe well well as you dey gree say Oga J put plenty better better tins for inside your life wey also dey inside Jesus. Na these tins you go fit take dey talk and show who you be, wey be say e go make correct sense.

    7. Bros, we happy die, con dey famz sef, when we hear say you dey always arrange correct food and drinks for our guys wey show for your side.

    8. I fit command you to do any good tins wey I know say you fit do, because of say I be your boss for Christ.

    9. But for sake of say your love dey my heart, I no fit, plus say I be old man now con dey prison join. E go better to beg you.

    10. Na Onesi o, yes Onesimus (your former houseboy wey disappear), na hin I dey try beg you for. As he dey now ehn, I don train am wella for this prison sote e don be like my son now.

    11. I know say he don fall your hand too mush, and you no need am again. But the tin be say him be correct guy now, wey be say me and you go sharply want for keeps.

    12. But I fling am con your side, make you no vex for am abeg but allow am again. Biko. Him be my heart o.

    13. I for hol am down, make he dey do wetin you no get shance do for me inside prison wey I dey here because of say I dey preash so,

    14. But guy, I no wan make e look like say I dey force u do sontin wey u fit do for free. I no fit do sontin wey your mind no go gree.

    15. Now bros, make we just take am say he run escape for small time to come back to stay full ground.

    16. Know say him don pass your houseboy o, now him be your guy; as in your very good guy. Na how me dey see am now be dat. And the truth be say he better pass dat one for you; him be your houseboy plus also your guy wey be say the two of una be Oga J’s property.

    17. So, if you wan prove say I be your man tru tru, welcome am like say na me.

    18. He fit don mess up, spoil ground and offend you or even carry your tins run wey be say he con dey owe you now. No worry bros, suppose say na me do am.

    19. I go everly pay you back, for sure. Na me write dis part mysef o. I for no tell you dis but no forget say you sef be my property o. Shuo. E mean say you dey owe me. Hehehe.

    20. Ok bros, (I no dey joke now) the tin wey I dey try talk be say make you make me flex and happy in Jesus, make my mind calm down.

    21. This story wey I write so, na because I know say you no dey like fall my hand at all. E sure me die say you go everly do pass wetin I want.

    22. Anyhow bros, clear one room for me ehn. Set am well. As e dey go so, e be like say your prayer go soon make dem free me from prison. I go just show for your side.

    23. Epaphras dey here dey hail u bros.

    24. Marcus, Aristarchus, Demas, Lucas all join dey hail you.

    25. Oya now, make Grace from Oga J stand full ground for your spirit o. Amen


    Translated with my own hands @bamsky007. Thanks to @MacQadosh for editing.

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