A tale of two Ladies

It is about two ladies both from the same side of the compass. Nna mehn the rock

One is educated. A daughter of the soil with natural beauty and allure. She speaks English well but with strong accent. Gentle, homely and submissive. Woman. She doesn’t know Jack Bauer but knows Jim Iyke

The other woman, (sorry our lady), is a stunningly beautiful professional. Brilliant and exposed, she knows and has been to most of the seven-star hotels and spas in town, the best boutiques and resorts. She not only knows Iyke but Denzel and Diezel too.

In the middle is our guy, a man of the soil, bred and fed on traditional values, exposed, quite rich and educated… Our man is a professional, but the blood in those veins ain’t. The red fluid is purely african.

When lady speaks English , she’s impeccable. When lady walks, oh with swagger. When lady dresses, oh, class and cuteness. She leaves no chance to wonder. Lady only does Twitter, Snapchat, Viber, Skype and Instagram. No Facebook.
Oh lady, our lady…and her iPhone.

Our woman simply walks. She simply dresses. She wears make-up simply. She has natural shape and curves. She only uses Facebook, 2go and Whatsapp. No Instagram. Her phone is Samsung.

Our lovers love attention, care and gifts (not flowers), they can help themselves with everything and around anyone, but our guy . They were in love. Helplessly.

He says one can cook, lady cannot. One will clean up his house, lady won’t. One sometimes helps with laundry, lady never… One is good in… But lady, well… He went on… She is just more homely.

But I said, lady is suave, she is more exposed, earns more money, got rich parents and connections, career per… ‘She cannot cook!’ He interrupted.

I guessed my man would have loved to go with lady, but our woman has met all the critical criteria in his checklist…as far as he was concerned.

But lady can hire a cook, maid or buy ready made, home delivery stuff, something like…”Oh Please, I’m an African man with roots and pride”. He snapped.

Oh, Uuuhm, Errrm… I should go now. I rose to leave.  Shocker! I saw lady by the window. Embarassed, she quietly walks away. I ran through the door to get her…Ouch! Our woman sat behind the door sobbing quietly. Yawa! They heard. But why?

She says she cant be the one if our man doesn’t regard her social and bodily prospects. She felt like a for-home-only woman. Her tone was that of inferiority and jealousy.

Hmmn, plenty sighs as I lay in bed that night. A wonderful world of woman. Intriguing. Our man was torn in between two worlds. Necessity wants aesthetics. Aesthetics wants necessity. Yet essence desires and beckons the two. But in one

With my own hands.

what do you think?

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