Love Yourself First

Listen to its voice. Listen to its yearnings 

Answer its questions. Don’t ignore its cry

Give it the care it deserves. Water it

Don’t ignore its quiet whisper amidst much social noise
Don’t neglect yourself. Don’t forget yourself 

Don’t punish yourself. Don’t exclude yourself

Don’t disqualify yourself. Don’t deny yourself

Don’t deceive yourself. Don’t hate yourself

Don’t allow hate, envy and bitterness within yourself 
Forgive yourself. Fill yourself with great helpful thoughts

Don’t let yourself get carried away and about by peers, job difficulties, sex, fantasies, family challenges, strange teachings and doctrines. Or money.
Pay yourself. Educate yourself

Develop yourself. Love yourself

Give to yourself good things, pure things, honest things

Enjoy yourself. You have this one life to yourself.

Live it. By yourself.

With love from my own hands @bamsky007

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