Ebute Metta

On two close yet parallel lanes

For half a dozen months

Until our paths finally crossed

The pulse, the adrenalin, the energy

We met under the shed, protected from the elements of the burning noon sun

I ran over. You stopped over. We rolled over

Like a ride downhill a lush countryside, cruising on a spree

Our pick up point. The first of the triple stops… Ebute Metta

Shaky. Crazy. Funny. Tricky. Lovely


Suddenly everywhere became cold. Like a naked duo on the capes of Alaska

But we journeyed together. The world warmed up around us

Love burned within us. We would warm up the coldest planet

Pluto was nearby

Gentle wind blew refreshingly to cool the affection

Beneath the blue starry night sky

Outside the quiet blue night shelter

By the lush green garden. You and I

We released the brake. Full throttle. We never stopped

For half a dozen weeks


Your tooth gap was like the narrow highway to heaven

Your dark brows and your crystal clear white eyes

Like an orange moon against the blue sea. Like sunset at beach

Pink lips, Green heart. A figure of allure

You smile and the world stops. My heart stops

Until you marched the brake. Suddenly. The world spun

I didn’t see that coming

Gallop. Collision. Noise. Doors flung open. Exit

We had reached another stop… the second of Ebute Metta


Now it seemed like I was headed towards the sun. Scotched

Everything burned. The moon became red

Two birds crowing for daylight… yet it was midnight

Were you afraid? Was I insane? Did we just separate?

But I finally heard your unspoken heart. You spoke your hurt

And we could ride again a second time. It seemed

Though miles apart, we reached again

Your tales of many hovering hawks made me feel like swooping you up in my arms

You were not scared. We were at peace again. I longed to see you

This time never to let go. A second chance


Until we took the turn and the path got rocky

The bumps threw us up and apart

We collided. We separated

Hurt. Regret. Tears and Trembling

Under that same shed, we said our goodbyes

With trembling hands we shook. Not even a kiss

If you see her, tell her she is still beautiful

That I won’t settle for less

Tell her my knees were ready to bow and bend

Tell her it was tough to see her walk away

But tell her I’ve moved on

Tell her I have left Ebute Metta


With his own hands @Anonymous

Pics credit: Google

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